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CALABRIA, Tarentum. Circa 365-355 BC. AR Nomos
CALABRIA, Tarentum. Circa 365-355 BC. AR Nomos
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CALABRIA, Tarentum. Campano-Tarentine series. Circa 281-228 BC. AR Nomos Foree. (20mm, 6.39 gm). Diademed head of nymph left / Youth on horseback right, crowning horse with wreath; Dolphin below. VF Ancient Apulian Red-Figure Lekanis Magna Graecia Ca. 350 B.C.

Size: 3 5/8 inches diameter x 3 3/4 inches high.

Red-figure painted lady of fashion facing left on both sides of the cup. old repair to one side otherwise in good condition.

Provenance: Ex Collection of Lawrence Buchanan and Dr. Enrique von Kiguel who acquired items in their collection in the 1970's/80's.
CALABRIA, Tarentum. Circa 340-335 BC. AR Nomos (22mm, 7.36 g, 11h). Nude youth on horseback right, placing wreath on horse's head; [Φ to right], naked youth below removing stone from horse's hoof / Taras astride dolphin left, holding kantharos in extended right hand, small round shield and trident in left; E and waves below.
BRUTTIUM, Kaulonia. Circa 475-470 BC. AR Nomos (21.5mm, 8.02 g, 1h). Apollo advancing right, holding branch; small daimon running right on Apollo's left arm; to right, stag standing right, head reverted / Incuse of obverse, but no daimon and to right, heron in relief standing right. Noe, Caulonia, Group D, 59 (same obv. die); HN Italy 2043. Fine, lightly toned. Rare issue with heron.