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John I Zimisces. 969-976. AR Miliaresion (23mm, 2.4 gm). Constantinople mint. IhSЧS XRI-SτЧS nICA, cross potent on three steps, circular medallion at center with portrait of crowned facing bust of John; I/Ш-A/n across field within, pelleted rosette to lower right / + IШAnn’/Єn XШ AVτO/CRAT’ ЄVSЄЬ’/ЬASILЄVS/RШmAIШ’ in five lines; above and below, pelleted cross with wedge to left and right. DOC 7a; SB 1792. Good VF, toned. Manuel I Comnenus. 1143-1180. EL Aspron Trachy (32mm, 4.05 g, 6h). Constantinople mint. Struck circa 1160-1164. Christ Pantokrator standing facing on low daïs; barred IC - XC and stars across field / Manuel and St. Theodore standing facing, each holding a sword and patriarchal cross set on globus between them. DOC 4c; SB 1959. VF Constans II, with Constantine IV, Heraclius, and Tiberius. 641-668. AV Solidus (19mm, 4.25 g, 6h). Constantinople mint, 3rd officina. Struck 667-668. Draped bust facing, wearing plumed helmet and holding globus cruciger / Tiberius, Constantine IV, and Heraclius standing facing, each holding globus cruciger; [CONO]B. DOC (40a); MIB 39; SB 972. VF.
Anastasius I. 491-518. AV Solidus (21mm, 4.47 g, 6h). Constantinople mint, 4th officina. Struck 492-507. Helmeted and cuirassed bust facing slightly right, holding spear and shield / Victory standing left, holding large jeweled cross; star to right; Δ//CONOB. DOC (3d;) MIBE 4a; SB 3. Good VF, toned Justinian I. Gold Solidus (4.36 g), 527-565. Constantinople, 527-537. D N IVSTINI-ANVS PP AVC, helmeted and cuirassed bust of Justinian I facing slightly right, holding spear over shoulder and shield with horseman spearing an enemy below. Rev. VICTORI-A AVGGG, angel standing facing, holding long cross and globus cruciger; in right field, star; A//CONOB. (DOC 3d; MIBE 5; SB 137). Some luster remaining. Extremely fine.
Leontius. 695-698. AV Solidus

Leontius. 695-698. AV Solidus (20mm, 4.51 g, 6h). Constantinople mint, 2nd officina.

Basil I the Macedonian, with Constantine. 867-886. AV Nomisma (20mm, 4.36 g, 6h). Constantinople mint. Struck circa 871-886. Christ Pantokrator enthroned facing / Crowned facing half-length busts of Basil and Constantine, holding patriarchal cross between them. DOC 2; Füeg 3.C.1; SB 1704. Good VF.