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Antiochos VI Dionysos. SELEUKID KINGS of SYRIA. Philip I Philadelphos.

SELEUKID KINGS of SYRIA. Antiochos VI Dionysos. 144-142 BC. AR Drachm (17mm, 3.95 g). Apameia mint. Dated SE 168 (144/3 BC).

SELEUKID KINGS of SYRIA. Philip I Philadelphos. Circa 95/4-76/5 BC. AR Tetradrachm (25mm, 14.7 gm). Posthumous issue under Roman Administration, 47/6-14/3. Antioch mint. . Uncertain date. Diademed head right / Zeus Nikephoros seated left; monograms to inner left and below throne. McAlee 4-28; SC 2491; RPC I 4128-4149; HGC 9, 1360

SELEUKID KINGS of SYRIA. Seleukos I Nikator. 312-281 BC. AR Tetradrachm (26mm, 16.96 g). In the name of Alexander III of Macedon. Ekbatana mint. Struck circa 295/81 BC. Head of Herakles right, wearing lion skin / Zeus Aëtophoros seated left; in left field, two monograms over anchor left over forepart of horse grazing left; ΣΩ below throne. SC 202.11b; Price 3931; HGC 9, 9e. VF. Toned.

From the RJM Collection. EX Pegasi 96 (11 March 1996) lot 133
SELEUKID Antiochus III AEOLIS. Myrina. AR Tetradrachm
SELEUKID KINGS of SYRIA. Antiochus III 'the Great'. 223-187 BC.
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SELEUKID KINGS of SYRIA. Antiochos III 'the Great'. 223-187 BC. AR Tetradrachm (29mm, 17.3 gm). "Rose" (Edessa?) mint. Struck 213-205 BC.

SELEUKID KINGS. Antiochos III 'the Great'. 223-187 BC. AR Tetradrachm (29mm, 17.15 gm). DI mint. Struck 202-187 BC. Diademed head right / Apollo Delphios seated left on omphalos. SC 1110b; HGC 9, 447y. VF.

From the RJM Collection Ex Coin Galleries (6 November 1996) lot 217.
AEOLIS. Myrina. AR Tetradrachm (16.55 gms), ca. 155-145 B.C. NGC EF, Strike: 3/5 Surface: 4/5.

PHOENICIA, Tyre. 126/5 BC-AD 65/6. AR Shekel (26mm, 13.2 gm). Dated CY 87 (40/39 BC). Laureate bust of Melkart right, lion skin around neck / Eagle standing left on prow; palm frond in background; to left, ΠZ (date) above club;  monogram to right. DCA Tyre 197–200 var. (monogram); Rouvier –; HGC 10, 357; DCA 919. Good VF, toned.  The "thirty pieces of silver" type.